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10 Fabulous Lobby Seating Ideas

As a NYC lobby interior designer, I'm very sensitive to the architectural characteristics of the buildings we work on. It’s a pleasure and a challenge for me and my staff to help our clients select the perfect flooring, wall treatments, and furnishings that celebrate their buildings’ style and holds up to heavy wear.

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Using Live Plants to Make Your Lobby More Vibrant

Indoor plants have been having a major moment for the past several years and have only begun to become more popular as we’ve started to spend more time at home. But green friends don’t just belong inside individual apartment units—they deserve to shine in building lobbies, too. 

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7 Clues That It’s Time to Renovate Your Lobby

We all know how it feels. You’ve been living in your building for many years and you hardly notice the lobby on your way in and out. We hardly ever stop to think how it looks to our guests, and how it affects the value of our apartments.

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5 Ways To Make Your Interior Design Project Go Smoothly

So, you’ve decided to make some significant changes to your living space. You interviewed lots of interior designers. You made your selection. Now, the design process is beginning. You’re nervous. Will you get what you want? Will there be problems? Can you stick to your budget? Will it be finished in time for that big event that’s coming up?

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Successfully Selecting Building Signage

As a New York City hallway and lobby designer, I pay close attention to the signage present within a building, keeping it top of mind throughout the design process—trust me, I have definitely witnessed cases in which signage was clearly an afterthought!

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How to Winter-Proof Your Lobby

Winter in New York City can be quite challenging. Although a big snow can transform our fair city into a gorgeous winter wonderland, the minute it begins to melt, here comes a wet – and often treacherous – mess. If you live in an apartment building, particularly a busy one, you know how disgusting the lobby can get when it’s awful outside.

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Choosing Wall Sconces For Your Lobby and Hallways

Which wall sconces can be used? If your residential building is planning a lobby or hallway renovation, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most challenging decision is selecting the right light fixtures because the wrong lighting can derail even the most well-thought-out design scheme.

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Choosing The Right Paint For Hallway Doors

As an interior designer specializing in lobby and hallway makeovers, my clients are mostly coop/condo communities and management companies in the New York City metropolitan area. The selection of paint would seem to be one of the less challenging aspects of lobby and hallway renovation to the untrained eye...

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How to Keep Your Building Fresh During Bad Weather

During bad weather your coop or condo lobby and hallways need a bit of extra attention to keep them looking and feeling fresh. Wet conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and New York City’s famously annoying slush can wreak havoc on the public areas of your building.

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How A Lobby Interior Designer Selects Colors

Interior design is the key to creating a warm and welcoming space that you love coming home to. Interior designers employ three critical elements to create that feeling – color, light and texture. I’m best known for my work redecorating lobbies and hallways for condo and coop communities in the New York metropolitan area.

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Union Square Area Hallway Design, NYC

A Favorite New York City Hallway Project

As part of a recent New York City hallway project, I worked to thoughtfully revamp a 30-plus year old building in the Union Square neighborhood. Throughout this hallway project, I focused on ways to make the hallway more appealing both aesthetically and functionally. The end result is a hallway that is “fresh traditional” and universally appealing to those who live in the building currently while also catching the attention of new buyers.

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How to Make a Lobby Look More Luxurious

A luxurious looking lobby sets the tone for an entire building. After all, a lobby is the way in which a building makes its first impression to residents and visitors, including potential buyers who may be swayed by elegant fixtures and furnishings.

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Color of the Year Trends and Making a Statement in Your Building

It’s always exciting to hear what paint companies will choose to name the “Color of the Year,” as picks truly can run the gamut from basic whites to soft greens and teal blues to deep, rich reds. This year, green is having a major moment. Benjamin Moore—whose paints we use most often in our projects due to their quality and versatility—announced that “October Mist 1495” will be the hue of 2022.

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Lobby Makeovers are still Key in the Time of Covid

Perhaps you’ve been putting off the task of assessing—and addressing—your building’s interior design needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, there’s truly no reason to delay such endeavors. Despite having just kicked off yet another year filled with masks, hand sanitizer dispensers, and extreme cleaning measures, we’ve witnessed all of our clients forge ahead in redoing their lobbies and hallways regardless.

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Compete With New Construction – Brand Your Building Now!

When I founded my interior design firm over 35 years ago, I couldn't have imagined the quantity and scale of new residential development in New York City today.

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What Covid Taught Me About My Interior Design Business

Since the day I hung out my shingle over thirty years ago, any notion that design meetings and presentations could be conducted other than in-person would have sounded ridiculous. But, Covid taught me something about my interior design business that I never saw coming: design meetings can be conducted virtually!

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