About The Firm

Founded in 1982 by interior designer Marilyn Sygrove, Sygrove Associates Design Group is the most successful New York interior design firm specializing in lobby, hallway & common area installations in high-end cooperatives, condominiums & real estate developments.

We are known for residential and commercial interior design that is timeless, functional and easy to maintain. And, our projects are consistently on time and on budget.

  Over 350 successfully completed NYC projects
  Adept at every architectural style and genre
  Designers who take input & concerns seriously
 Projects that stay on time and on budget

Sygrove's Principal Designer Marilyn Sygrove

Our Founder & Lead
Designer Marilyn Sygrove

Our Founder & Lead Designer Marilyn Sygrove

Marilyn personally directs all design, planning and installation activities from concept to punch list, working closely with boards, residents and other stakeholders to build consensus, engagement and long-term satisfaction.

She believes the best designs start with our ears – she listens carefully before ever putting a pencil to paper to make sure the final product is as functional as it is beautiful.

Why Choose Sygrove Associates Design Group?

Over 350 successfully completed projects in NYC

A unique process and methodology that ensures all stakeholders feel listened to and respected

Wide range of options to help you refine your vision and objectives

30+ years of experience designing elegant solutions to complex challenges

Designs that compliment your building's or home's unique personality and requirements

Painless, clean & organized installation

Proven, proprietary methodologies and dedicated support teams

A network of reliable contractors who deliver superior craftsmanship

Responsiveness, proactive communications & relentless focus on detail

Extensive experience with materials that are beautiful, durable & well-priced

Timeless style that transcends trends and fashions

Designed with ease of maintenance as a top priority

About Sygrove Associates Design Group

Our Stellar Reputation

Sygrove Associates Design Group is highly respected by NYC’s leading real estate management companies and professional organizations.

You can be confident you have selected a great design team that listens, respects your wishes, secures the best pricing & supports you before, during & after project completion.