“A job well done.

When we decided to redecorate our building (hallways, elevator, lobby) the most important factor we had to consider was finding a firm that could take a fifty year-old building and bring it into the 21st century, while still keeping the integrity of the building intact. After much investigating we chose Sygrove Associates.

By choosing Marilyn Sygrove, we were rewarded richly. Her ability to conceptualize and coordinate colors, as well as her unique talent of knowing and translating how a building design be interpreted in today’s world, makes her a very uniquely talented individual.

The Sygrove firm facilitated all aspects of each of the projects and today our Building presents itself as having a visually balanced and cohesive design that is contemporary in feeling and elegant looking.

With the renovations pretty much completed, we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for project that effects everyone in the building.

We thank you.”

Paul Aronson, The Design Committee (505 E79th Street, New York, NY)

“Our 1960’s co-op,located on the upper east side, was ready for a renovation and an overall interior design. We started the interview process meeting with 3 design firms. We were fortunate to meet Marilyn Sygrove from Sygrove Associates. Through our multiple meetings Marilyn and her team listened attentively to our wants and needs. She and her team presented several designs, concept boards and materials to our design committee, for review, keeping with the integrity of our building. Marilyn and her team met with our shareholders to explain the process. Team Sygrove continued their involvement from the beginning of these concepts to the final punch list updating our design committee with weekly meetings. We were a committee of 5 all with strong personalities and different design ideas. Marilyn’s experience and advice kept us moving forward. All contractors were extremely experienced, meticulous and respectful which made the entire renovation run smoothly for our staff and shareholders. Marilyn and her team created exactly what we had envisioned. Timeless hallways and a functional and elegant lobby. The renovation and design exceeded our expectations. It is with great pleasure that we highly recommend Sygrove Associates for any design/renovation project. Thank you Team Sygrove!”

Cynthia Tabor

“I have been working on projects in New York with Sygrove associates for almost 25 years. I do not know of a more professional and attentive company designing in New York. Great design, great people and such attention to detail. Always a pleasure.”

Paul Byrne

“Sygrove Assocciates refurbished our co-op buildoing in 2011. The subcontractors were excellent and the carpeting looks as if it was `installed yesterday. It was a very good experience. Marilyn Sygrove was a professional and very easy to work with, as well as her staff.When the time comes we would use Sygrove Associates again.”

Robert Farrell

“I am on my building’s co-op Board. We were finally ready to hire a design firm to renovate the hallways of our 12-story, turn of the last century (1907) residential building. When we met Marilyn Sygrove, we knew immediately that she was “the one”. The designs by Sygrove Associates from prior projects were exquisite. The professionalism and know-how outstanding. The firm had the experience in working with Shareholders of coops and thus the tools to educate them and make the process as inclusive as possible. The ability to garner buy-in from a building of diverse residents was amazing.

Sygrove Associates was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The design options were all lovely and in the style of this 100+ year old building. We were extremely pleased with the Contractor they recommended (OTW) as well as other artisans necessary to renovate this unique and now beautiful common space.

The quality of the work is outstanding. Sygrove Associates were here every week to inspect the progress and meet with the team to ensure all was done to everyone’s liking. It was a team effort in the end.

I can say with 100% certainty that everyone who resides in this coop is very pleased with the end result. It was a pleasure to work with Sygrove Associates and would highly recommend working with this firm for your next redesign project!”

Nancy Eichorn

“Working with “Team Sygrove” has been and incredible and fun experience. Marilyn is so creative and knowledgeable and her designs are stunning, whimsical and brilliant. It was a pleasure to work with her firm. They were all so attentive, accessible and easy to talk to. Thanks to Sygrove associates, I’m living in the house of my dreams!”

Steven Stein

“Sygrove took on the task our long overdue hallway project. The job done was top notch. Marilyn’s team was mindful of our budget difficulties and still managed to deliver a wonderful product that was on time and perfect for our building; not an easy task given the size of our complex. I look forward to working with Sygrove in the future.”

Liana Mac Mahon

“I only have the highest praise for Sygrove Associates. Marilyn and her team designed the hallway renovations for my 230 unit Co-op in NYC. From initial concept to completion they were a pleasure to work with and very professional. They are the “go-to” firm for NYC and the surround area for lobby and hallway renovations and also do beautiful residential interiors. The design, materials and management of their projects they are top notch. I highly recommend Sygrove Associates!”

Alyssa Peek

“I am frequently called on to write recommendations. But it is rare to be asked by a person who is so terrific that I can proceed honestly and wholeheartedly without the slightest hesitation or weighing of words. Marilyn Sygrove of Sygrove Associates is that person, and it is my pleasure to endorse her!

I will begin by saying that if you are reading this you are lucky to have crossed paths, and don’t delay in signing with her.

About 10 years ago, I was part of a committee that hired Marilyn to do a project in our residential coop building in NYC. The scope of work included renovation of the lobby, hallways, and elevators. I will spare you the details of the previous renovation, but suffice it to say, it was a disaster which included both the wall coverings splitting and the company going out of business the day they completed our job. As you can imagine, our entire building was traumatized over what happened. In addition, we now had to wait to accrue enough money in our reserve fund to redo the project. When the time came, I made it my business to be part of the process. We interviewed several companies, but upon delivering her presentation, Marilyn’s professionalism, smarts, sense of design and warmth instantly made her a stand out. I had anticipated our committee needing to micromanage this job. But suddenly, it seemed that we had come upon a talented, capable person with a take charge attitude who could relieve us of worry and concern.

And that’s exactly what happened! Marilyn is an artistically talented designer as well as an organized perfectionist. We hired her, and I have never been involved in any construction/renovation project that was so straightforward and carefree. Everything Marilyn promised was delivered. The price quoted in the original contract was the price we paid, with the exception of an additional fee for a change which our committee decided upon in the middle of the job. Marilyn also helped us save money by advising us about work our committee could take on ourselves, such as shopping for light fixtures. She was always available to guide us if needed.

The construction company she hired to do the work was terrific. Lovely people, great skills, and respectful of our building leaving it clean and neat at the end of each day. Ten years later, the materials she chose… wall coverings, carpeting, lobby furniture, etc. have held up beautifully, and required very low maintenance along the way.

I think it’s important to mention that we were a committee of 8 people, all with strong personalities and opinions. Marilyn was a miracle worker at managing to corral us into a cohesive group, and keep the project moving forward. She was also excellent at helping us communicate with the rest of the owners in the building, and make them feel included and part of the process.

Last but not least, while we were still in the interviewing process, we were able to see several examples of Marilyn’s other completed jobs. Her work was consistently beautiful, but she possesses the vision and talent to design specifically for differing architecture and style of each building. She is not a one trick pony!

I recently moved, and have hired Marilyn to help me with some personal design projects for my home. I could not be more thrilled!”

Kathy Glasser

“Marilyn Sygrove, through Sygrove Associates Design Group, is outstanding. Marilyn is impeccably attentive to detail, and working with her is a true pleasure. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work with her and her team again soon!”

Hearth Cabinet

“I am a Resident Manger for a Multi Million Dollar Residential Condominium Building. I have worked in this industry for over 28yrs. I have been involved in a several Corridor Renovations through out the years and one of the best experiences during this current Corridor Renovation was working with Marilyn Sygrove and her team from Sygrove Associates Design Group. They were the best to work with, very responsive, great eye for detail, professional, and even took steps to speak with Residents regarding their concerns about the Corridor Renovations which is rare. Marlyn and her team were able to put together an Original design just for our building, which speaks miles to here designing capabilities. I would strongly recommend Marilyn Sygrove and her Team from Sygrove Associates Design Group!!”

Kevin Holston

“I hired Marilyn and the Sygrove team to design the renovation of our 80+ unit co-op on the Upper East Side. The renovation consisted of a complete redesign of the hallways and lobby of our building, which were desperately in need of work. The project cost approximately $2 million and took approximately 2.5 years to design and construct. Marilyn and her team are top notch, professional, creative, organized and a pleasure to work with! They guided us through every step of the way – from design, drawings, contractor bids, overseeing the work and tracking monthly contractor requisitions. The team went above and beyond and made all of the shareholders feel that they were in great hands. The project is now done and our building looks brand new! The value of our units have gone up as well, due in large part to the appeal of the redesigned building. I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend Sygrove for your next job!”

Eric Meer

“We hired fabulous NYC designer Sygrove Associates Design Group Inc to redesign our building hallways on W. 54th Street, N.Y. N.Y. Marilyn & her team were incredible every step of the way and absolutely wonderful to work with. Their ideas and taste are beyond astonishing. This is a prewar art deco building and really needed someone who was able to see out of the box and Sygrove accomplished that and more. I highly recommended using them and hope to use their services again in the near future.”

Sheldon Becker, Babad Management

“As the Board President of our condominium association, I was responsible for bringing in a design team that we felt had not only the aesthetic judgment but also the organizational skills to successfully lead us through an extensive hallway renovation. Marilyn and her team were able to not only recommend several timeless design choices, but also to execute the final design selections in a highly professional manner and within a very reasonable time frame. The entire community has been thrilled with the outcome and I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend Marilyn and her staff.”

Board President - New Jersey Hallway Project

“Hats off to you and your staff. People who have come to visit me can’t say enough about the work – modern slant on an older building (which makes the Upper West Side what it is) – maintaining the period.”

Board Member, The 203 Condominium (New York, NY)

“After a rigorous interview process, we selected Marilyn Sygrove and her team to design and manage the installation of our hallways. What set Marilyn apart was her ability to respect others’ opinions, while professionally guiding us through the process. Marilyn’s innate ability to select the perfect colors resulted in a luxurious and tasteful finished project that exceeded the Board’s lofty expectations.”

Board Vice President, 411 East 53rd Street Condominium (New York, NY)

“The several projects that you have done for us in design of public spaces, model apartments and other consultancies have always exhibited exquisite taste combined with practicality.”

Chairman, Rose Associates, Inc. (New York, NY)

“You developed a design scheme that…successfully accomplished the challenge of making enormously long halls appear to be more in scale. I feel that apartment values in this building, directly related to this above-standard decoration, have increased by at least 20%, if not more.”

Executive Vice President, Mayfair Towers (New York, NY)

“I am extremely pleased with the way this project has turned out from a design standpoint. Overall, we have an elegant look that will wear well over time. It was also a pleasure for me to work with the truly professional staff that you lead. “

Board Member, Executive Plaza (New York, NY)

“We recently used Sygrove Associates to design an approximately $1M complete renovation of our (large) lobby and hallways. Our experience with Marilyn and her team was an excellent one. Most importantly, they listened to us and were very responsive to our needs and desires.

The final product was fantastic. It fulfilled all of our practical concerns, and the design esthetic was first-rate and very much in keeping with their original “marching orders” from us. So, while there are designers out there who are less costly than Sygrove Associates, based on the extremely high quality of their work and the very positive collaborative experience we had with them, we do not regret for a minute what we paid for their services.”

Board President, 30 East 9th Street (New York, NY)

“As a real estate management company for high-end luxury residential apartment buildings, we have the responsibility to retain extremely qualified service companies. One important facet of our business is retaining professionals engaged in the design of interior public spaces. One firm in this area stands out, Sygrove Associates Design Group, Inc.

For many years this talented group of professionals, led by their principal, Marilyn Sygrove, plays a major role in the design of building lobbies, public corridors and elevator cabs, just to mention a few of their projects. Their team takes on a project with great enthusiasm, skill, and intense attention to detail. The designed product is not only appealing, but also enhances property value.

Interior design, like art, can be highly subjective. Sygrove’ s creativity always seems to find the right solutions for every desired plan. We will continue to seek their sage advice on future projects.”

Albert E. Mayas, Executive Vice President, Charles H. Greenthal Management Corp.

“Marilyn Sygrove has been a friend and colleague for more than 30Yrs, I would trust her with my life. She is a mother, grandmother, a wife and a very talented, kind, courageous, confident and a strong woman. Marilyn has taught me a lot about Design and what is correct verses my opinion. Marilyn amazes me during her presentations with the knowledge she has. Clients, managers & owners listen to her and value her advice. She listens and pays attention to what the client wants, their dislikes and likes and small details. They have tremendous respect for her. Her customers call her back to redo jobs 15 – 20yrs later. They remember how smooth her team made the renovation and want to hear the latest trends and new projects she has worked on. They want to see pictures of how beautiful her Hallways & Lobbies have turned out. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Marilyn and her Sygrove team for another 30yrs.”

Margaret Bever

“Marilyn – your presentation last night only confirmed that we chose very wisely in hiring you for the job. You did, indeed, listen to the comments and answered all questions with the confidence that 40 years in business bring, with honesty and clarity. I am looking forward to working with you and the team on our project.”

Rory Kotin

“I have been working on projects with Marilyn Sygrove for 25 years, and her professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail set her apart. Marilyn Sygrove and her team focus on exceeding clients’ expectations by creating interior spaces that are original, carefully planned, and executed.”

Hilda Concepcion

“Working with Marilyn Sygrove and her team was an outstanding experience! We needed to renovate the hallways of our David Rockwell designed building in downtown Manhattan. Marilyn listened to what we wanted to achieve, then presented us with creative and thoughtful design solutions. Her team was very knowledgeable, organized, responsive and on-time throughout the process. Marilyn gave our hallways a fresher, updated look, that blends perfectly with the design of our building. The results are beautiful! I look forward to working with Marilyn and her team on more design projects in the future.”

Diane Pepper

“Marilyn and her team worked with our building to redo our very old and very lengthy hallways. They did an incredible job. Our hallways are the first compliment we get when interviewing prospective shareholders and the residents in our building comment quite often about the warm and welcoming design. Marilyn brought a great team together to work on our project and her great relationships with vendors made for a productive and efficient timeline and beautiful finished product.”

Lori Newman

“I was president of my 74 unit coop in Bronxville, New York, at the time we redesigned and renovated our lobbies and hallways. During that time, I worked closely with Marilyn and her Sygrove team and I highly recommend them.

Our renovation committee met with five designers and Sygrove was our unanimous choice. We were all impressed with Marilyn’s design vision, her experience in other co-op buildings, and her professionalism. Marilyn was able to clearly explain her process from design to bid to construction and to identify for us what would be possible in different budget ranges.

Marilyn initially scheduled a building-wide meeting so that all shareholders could be a part of the process. She then put up different sample boards and shareholders got to express their opinions. This helped get buy-in from a much larger group.

Marilyn and her team met with our design committee to select design schemes appropriate to our building’s style, and within our budget. While the aesthetic was everyone’s primary concern, Marilyn also focused on the durability and functionality of the elements selected, including rugs, tile flooring, furniture, and custom mailbox consoles. Marilyn’s vast experience allowed her to provide important insight into what works and what doesn’t.

When it was time to get bids for the project, Marilyn recommended reputable, fair contractors to bid and then helped us to evaluate the bids and select a contractor. Sygrove remained involved during the construction process, dealing with questions that arose, guiding on staging of work and advising on shareholder communications, to keep the process as minimally disruptive as possible.

Down to the smallest detail, Marilyn’s advice was invaluable. She guided us in finding appropriate signage to go with the building’s design theme and to buy inconspicuous high-quality corner guards to protect the paint finishes and trim work. These were the type of things that would have gone unnoticed with a less experienced designer.

Marilyn’s pleasant demeanor and prompt and decisive manner when dealing with issues as they arose made it easy to work with her. Our large project went off without any major hiccups, within budget and on time. I attribute a lot of that to Marilyn and her team’s expertise.

I would recommend Sygrove without reservation to any building looking to renovate common spaces.”

Peter I., Board President, Stoneleigh Parkway, Inc.

“Marilyn Sygrove is someone who uniquely combines the talents of a top designer and an exceptional business professional. As a board member of a 20 story residential condominium, I worked with her on a complete hallway redesign project and can confidently and without hesitation state that she and her team were not only highly creative, organized and efficient but were also a pleasure to interact with throughout the successful completion of the process.”


“Marilyn and her team were amazing to work with on our hallway and lobby renovation project. She was open to all idea’s submitted by the board and she was able to navigate the strong personalities and competing internal ideas to create a timelessly elegant hallway and lobby. I would highly recommend working with her for your future project.”


“I am the Board President of a 140 unit residential cooperative building in Manhattan. We recently used Sygrove Associates to design an approximately $1M complete renovation of our (large) lobby and hallways.

Our experience with Marilyn and her team was an excellent one. Most importantly, they listened to us and were very responsive to our needs and desires.

They worked very well with our contractor, our Superintendent (who served as our Project Manager), and my fellow Board members.

When mistakes or omissions occurred, which will always be the case in large projects with many moving parts, they were quick to “own” and correct them to everyone’s satisfaction.

The final product was fantastic. It fulfilled all of our practical concerns, and the design esthetic was first-rate and very much in keeping with their original “marching orders” from us.

So, while there are designers out there who are less costly than Sygrove Associates, based on the extremely high quality of their work and the very positive collaborative experience we had with them, we do not regret for a minute what we paid for their services.



“Working with Marilyn Sygrove and her team is an absolute pleasure. As a talented artist in her own right, she applies her in-depth knowledge of materials, color and space to interior design for lobbies, hallways, front desks and more in beautiful upgrades of the common spaces in many condominiums and cooperatives in New York, as well as residential work. Nothing is a formula for Sygrove Associates. They will listen to what the board and community says, and perhaps more importantly, what the space says. It’s a wonderful experience to renovate – as the former chair of my building’s reno committee, I can say that – and Sygrove Associates shows the potential of what can be done within a budget. Sometimes, it’s not a total turnaround, but just a matter of upgrading some details. Sygrove Associates knows how to make your design happen as complete professionals – as well as working with a crew of pros in every trade which your project may need.”

Gayle Goodman

“Marilyn and her team were a pleasure to work with. Professional, efficient and they delivered everything as promised on time. This is the 2nd time our building has used Sygrove to renovate our hallways and lobby. I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed! The end product is beautiful!”

Rande Coleman

“Marilyn and her team were not only consummate professionals but also a pleasure to work with during our lobby renovation. We were so very pleased with the final outcome. It is truly stunning!”

Maria Vecchiotti

“Excellent experience and great results with Sygrove!”

D Gorsky

“About 15 years have passed since I had the pleasure of working with Marilyn Sygrove in Tracy Towers Hallways’ renovation. My fellow board members asked that I oversee the progress of the work on their behalf. Unfortunately, our COVID-19 safety protocols do not allow for non-essential visits. I am offering this testimonial in place of an on-site tour. Her work has withstood the passage of time in every sense. Residents continue to find it pleasant, and potential buyers seem to feel favorable when they visit the building. Marilyn is still a shining example of integrity, professionalism, talent, and charm, after working for 40 years managing complex international projects.”

Tracy Tenants, Inc., President of the Board of Directors, 245 East 24th Street (New York, NY)

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Marilyn Sygrove and her team for the past 30 years and we have done multiple design projects together including lobbies, hallways and elevator cabs. Marilyn is the pre-eminent designer in her profession and her vision for beautifying the spaces involved for the particular project and attention to detail is second to none. Along with her caring and conscientious staff Sygrove Associates have taken complete eye-sores and transformed them into a space that the bldg residents can be proud of and which improves apt values and overall quality of life. I highly recommend Marilyn Sygrove for all your interior design needs.”

Neil Levin, Senior Vice President Maxwell Kates Inc. (New York, NY)

“Sygrove Associates just completed our hallway renovation and the result is nothing short of stunning. Marilyn Sygrove led the charge in transforming the halls of our 100+ year old building on the Upper West Side without losing any of the charm or elegance of our landmark structure. The response from the residents has been extremely positive. Our neighbors are overwhelmingly ‘happy to come home.’ Prospective shareholders have also noticed. The Board has seen several purchase packages that mention the beautiful, warm and welcoming design scheme. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Board Member, The Endicott Apartments Corporation (New York, NY)

“The building looks beautiful. It’s all very stylish and sophisticated and is a huge upgrade to our NYC home. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Friends who have visited have been equally impressed. One couple is now even hoping to purchase an apartment here. Great job…many thanks!”

Shareholder, Cannon Point South (New York, NY)

“A broker showing an apartment was raving about how well the building’s redecoration project went and how much value it added the apartments. When I first heard of the Board’s ambitious plan to redecorate the entire building; hallways, lobby, elevators and facade, I knew of no one who could design all four elements. How you managed to navigate through all of the different factions, from contractors, suppliers, staff, management and a seven member Board was truly remarkable. It was immediately apparent that your diplomacy and patience were as good as your design skills.”

Property Manager, Lex Owners Corp. (New York, NY)

“The richness of the design has made all our residents, as well as staff, feel proud of our building. Thanks to your firm sense of direction and knowledge of the best materials and approaches to choose, our committee of twelve was able to make the correct decisions.”

Board President, 15 West 72nd Street Owners Corp. (New York, NY)

“…our building has been turned into something one couldn’t have imagined possible. Our apartments’ values have already gone up tremendously since the completion of the hallways, et al.”

Board President, 520 East 76th St. Apartment Corp. (New York, NY)

“Over the years we have come to trust and value [your] taste and judgment. There isn’t a design related project we would attempt without consulting Sygrove first.”

Project Liason, The Bank of New York (New York, NY)