How experienced is your firm with the complexities of construction in New York City?

We are proud to say we are the most successful residential lobby and hallway interior design firm in New York. We have completed over 350 lobby/hallway renovations giving us more expertise, experience, and knowledge than any other interior design firm in terms of residential public spaces.

How much will life be disrupted for the residents during construction?

We make every effort to ease the disruption construction can cause. Our many years of experience enable us to anticipate problems before they become problems!

Here are a few of the steps we take to keep disruption down to a minimum:

For Lobby Spaces:

  • Temporary relocation of doorman and concierge stations. We keep them safe and out of the way of construction.
  • When mailboxes are being upgraded or mail rooms are being relocated, we set up temporary boxes in the interim. You’ll experience no interruption in your mail service.
  • Create a short-term package closet. Your deliveries will not be interrupted.
  • Temporarily re-routing of traffic patterns for the comfort and safety of residents (especially when new flooring or entry doors are being installed).
  • Re-route lobby traffic. For comfort and safety – particularly during installation of new flooring or entry doors.

For Hallways:

  • We keep property managers up-to-date on the construction schedules. This ensures everyone has ample time to plan – and there are no surprises.
  • When apartment doors are ready for their last coat of paint, they must be open. We give residents ample time to prepare.

Some residents have a vision for our new lobby that doesn’t jive with the view of others. How do you help achieve consensus?

Our many years of experience have enabled us to develop a unique methodology that turns out to be very popular with residents and boards. It ensures that owners feel listened to and decision-makers have the support they need to make the smartest decisions on behalf of the building.

Some of the tools we use are the Resident Design Survey, Meet The Designer Night, and numerous other support documents such as What You Should Know. Because of this, we are happy to report that most projects progress without strife.

In terms of aesthetics, we are versatile and adept at working with all architectural styles. In-depth knowledge and experiences enable us to be particularly sensitive to the original design of your building.

How long will the project take?

For a complete re-design of a lobby or hallways we generally we tell our clients to plan for approximately six months of design time, presentation meetings, preparation of finalized bid documents and securing bids.

The actual procurement, finalization of contracts, and construction time are approximately another 6 to 8 months. These times can and will vary due to the scope of work, your pace in decision making, unforeseen site conditions that arise, product availability and lead times.

We balance your desire for your project to be completed in a timely fashion with our deep commitment that everything is done right.

This renovation represents a considerable investment for the residents. How long until it will need to do it again?

After we complete the project, management and building staff will receive a maintenance manual created specifically for your building. It contains detailed instructions on how to care for each item and material. It also informs the staff of the cleaning products and methods that will extend the life and beauty of your new lobby and hallways.