Hallway Interior Design in NJ

Founded in 1982, Sygrove Associates Design Group is the leading hallway interior design firm for high-end apartment buildings, cooperatives, condominiums in New Jersey. Marilyn Sygrove, our president and lead designer, personally directs all strategy, design planning, and installation for hallway design in New Jersey.


Beautiful, distinctive, and functional corridors that graciously welcome visitors and delight the residents are the hallmarks of Sygrove Associates’ hallway design in New Jersey. Every wall covering, lighting fixture, and floor covering is carefully chosen for beauty and for the ability to withstand the test of time.

“As the Board President of our condominium association, I was responsible for bringing in a design team that we felt had not only the aesthetic judgment but also the organizational skills to successfully lead us through an extensive hallway renovation. Marilyn and her team were able to not only recommend several timeless design choices, but also to execute the final design selections in a highly professional manner and within a very reasonable time frame. The entire community has been thrilled with the outcome and I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend Marilyn and her staff.”
– Board President | New Jersey Hallway Project


Choose Sygrove Associates for Hallway Interior Design In New Jersey

Hallways are essential interior spaces that serve more than just a practical purpose. In coops and condo buildings, the hallway is what you see at least twice a day, what your guests experience when they visit, and the potential buyers see when they tour your building. As the premiere hallway interior designer New Jersey, Marilyn Sygrove is keenly aware of this.

Often, very little thought went into the typical hallway interior design in New Jersey apartment buildings. You may have an incredible view of Manhattan, for example. Still, the windowless corridor with inefficient lighting and ventilation outside your apartment door can have a direct impact on the value of your unit.
Hallway design in NJ is a specialized skill.

Thirty years of experience in shared space design in New York City has made Sygrove Associates the go-to hallway interior designer in New Jersey. Our reputation as innovators in beautiful, energy-efficient, and, most recently, pandemic-conscious interior designs are just some of the reasons we are so often chosen for hallway design in New Jersey today.

Hallway interior design in NJ is more than just slapping on a new layer of wall coverings and buying a few new lighting fixtures. It requires knowledge and expertise only gained through years of trial and error.

When you're ready to hire a hallway interior designer in New Jersey for a much-needed refresh, do your research and look for a firm with many decades of experience in hallway design in NJ and NYC.

When creating a scheme for hallway interior design in New Jersey, energy efficiency and sustainable décor have equal importance at our firm. Your building's shared spaces, such as lobbies and hallways, use approximately 20% of its energy.

A big culprit that can turn a beautiful hallway design in NJ into an energy waste nightmare is lighting. Hallway lights must be on 24 hours a day - seven days a week – and put a significant strain on your building's operating budget.
Sygrove Associates brings cutting edge skill in energy-efficient hallway interior design in New Jersey.

We've been at the forefront of this critical issue for years – much longer than most firms. We were early adopters of energy-efficient interior design and have vast resources that enable us to create lighting schemes that provide the mood and atmosphere clients demand in on-trend fixtures.

Today, every lobby and hallway design in New Jersey that comes out of our firm includes features such as LED light boards, sensors, etc. that are easy to use and save a significant amount of energy.

As a prominent hallway interior designer in New Jersey and New York City, when you choose Sygrove, you benefit from our firm's many decades of experience working in high-end buildings. You'll be impressed and relieved by the skillful way we will guide your board and residents to navigate the often-complex decisions involved in hallway interior design in New Jersey.

We are sensitive to the fact that every stakeholder must agree on a plethora of decisions for a hallway design project in New Jersy to be successful. We are the masters in the art of making that happen.

Today, hallway interior design in New Jersey must be attentive to the need for hallways to look clean and be easy to clean. The harsh chemicals and cleaning frequency required to adhere to sanitation and disinfecting protocols are hard on wall coverings and flooring.

Clean and fresh-looking is the order of the day in hallway design in NJ. We create hallways that are easy to keep clean, will withstand frequent disinfecting, and yet are beautiful, welcoming spaces for you and your guests.

We are the masters of interior design in NJ that provide everything you need to feel safe and enjoy your building. Our work hallway design in New Jersey results in spaces that harmonize with the aesthetics of a building delivers the needs and desires of the residents, is energy efficient, and is easy to clean and disinfect.

Are you searching for a hallway interior designer in New Jersey for your building? You're in the right place.

As a hallway interior designers in New Jersey, we are keenly aware that you need your investment to stand up to heavy usage and the test of time. We help you find the balance between what's beautiful and what will last.

Hallway interior design in NJ can be tricky. Our unpredictable and often severe weather patterns can wreak havoc on flooring and wall coverings.

Plus, today, people are more worried about being safe from viruses and bacteria than ever before. Materials that are cleanable yet look like fabric are what is needed for modern hallway interior design in New Jersey.
Thankfully, our firm has long term well-established relationships with top vendors in who carry stock and often custom-design finishes that look like natural materials but are more durable and easier to keep clean.

We have established unique relationships with vendors and manufacturers who cater to our clients' needs during our many years in business. We source finishes that fit into a hallway design in NJ scheme that are long-wearing and tough yet look and feel like natural materials. If our vendors don't have the perfect solution off the shelf, they will make it just for us.

For example, we are known for our custom-designed carpet in soil-hiding patterns made from durable and cleanable materials. They wear so well that projects completed decades ago still look great. Our return clients and there are many, rarely come back to us for new hallway designs in New Jersey because of wear. They come back to us when they're ready for a change.

Our wall finishes for hallway design in New Jersey follows the same principle as flooring as we do with flooring - easy to clean and long on wear. Vinyl wallpaper is an excellent choice for hallway interior designer in New Jersey because it's cleanable and more durable than paint.

There is an extensive selection of vinyl wallcovering designs and textures that look like natural materials today. Our clients for hallway design in New Jersey love the look and appreciate that we want their investment to last as much as they do.

If you're tired of dark, stuffy corridors that do anything but welcome you home, reach out to Sygrove Associates Design Group. We've completed hundreds of hallway renovation projects in our 30+ years in the industry, making us the most professional hallway interior designers in New Jersey.


At Sygrove Associates, we are the hallway interior designers in New Jersey that bring unique concepts to life and create a sense of space and luxury for you and your guests. Plus, new hallway designs in NJ will help maintain and even increase the value of your property.

Marilyn Sygrove is widely published and respected in the hallway interior design field in New Jersey. The firm has earned a stellar reputation in the real estate industry, and we are frequently referred by building management companies. As the #1 hallway design firm in New York City, we are thrilled to now be the #1 hallway interior designer in NJ.

When you're ready to upgrade your building's hallways, turn to the professional in hallway interior design in NJ, Sygrove Associates Design Group.