Lobby Interior Design in NJ

Founded in 1982, Sygrove Associates Design Group is the leading lobby interior design firm for high-end apartment buildings, coops, and condominiums in the New York City metropolitan area. And, we are fast becoming the top choice for lobby interior design in New Jersey, as well.

Marilyn Sygrove, our president and lead designer, is the creative and business force behind our firm’s massive success. Marilyn directs all strategy, design planning, and installation of our lobby design in New Jersey.


We are known for extraordinary, distinctive, and functional lobby designs in New Jersey that graciously welcome visitors and always delight residents. Our firm provides the expert lobby interior design in Ne that our New York City clients have come to expect over the past three decades.

“They did such a great job on our lobby five years ago, that we called them in again to do our hallways. Selecting a great designer was the easy part.”
– Board Member, Upper East Side Coop


Why Choose Sygrove Associates for Lobby Interior Design?

When you meet with Marilyn and the team, you’ll immediately realize you are in the hands of experienced professionals who will make sure that your lobby design in New Jersey is as functional as it is beautiful.Marilyn Sygrove is widely published and highly respected. She is consistently referred by leading real estate management companies and professional organizations. The firm is thrilled to be chosen as the go-to lobby interior designer in New Jersey.

If there’s is one unifying feature every residential building has in common, it’sthe lobby. The lobby is the first thing that you, your guests, and prospective buyers experience when they walk in the door. Whether you're on the board of your condo association or an owner in a coop, your building's lobby has a direct impact on the value of your property.

That's why hiring a professional lobby interior designer in New Jersey is so important.

Much of lobby interior design in NJis noticeably out of date by today's standards. Making the decision to invest in a new lobby design in New Jersey, you certainly will upgrade your building's aesthetics. But there's more to it than that…

Today, you lobby must function in different ways than when the building was built. From extra storage space to a focus on cleanliness, there are numerous reasons beyond aesthetics to invest in updated lobby design in NJ. Q12y

1. Your lobby is a key to sustaining or even raising individual unit values. This is as true for lobby design in New Jersey as it is for lobby design in New York City. Ask any real estate professional and they will tell you that the condition of the lobby is as critical as the condition of a unit to prospective buyers. Sometimes, even more critical.

2. Your lobby is the area where the most energy is wasted in your building. Modern lobby design in New Jersey reduces your building's energy consumption, which is good for the environment and lowers costs.

3. Upgraded traffic patterns are an integral part of lobby interior design in NJ. Lobby interior designers in NJ know how to analyze and adjust traffic patterns so it’s easier for your staff to maintain and service the building and more convenient for you and your visitors to get upstairs.

4. Lobby interior design in New Jersey must now focus the need for expanded health protocols. For example, designated storage for sanitation supplies and doorman stations fitted with removal plexiglass screens are two of the innovative ways a professional lobby interior designer in New Jersey can keep you, the staff, and your visitors safe.

Sygrove Associates has more in depth experience than any other firm in the NYC metropolitan area. For your high-end condo or coop building in need of lobby interior design in New Jersey, when you are hire Sygrove, you are hiring the best.

As lobby interior designers in New Jersey, we often work in buildings with vast lobbies with soaring ceilings. They're dramatic, but these spaces are often limited in what today's lifestyle requires and can feel cold and impersonal.

Our clients for lobby design in New Jersey often ask if we can "warm-up" the space. By choosing the right lighting and furnishings, we can create a sense of warmth and intimacy, even in the most dramatic lobby space. As lobby interior designers in New Jersey, we are experienced and skilled in these types of areas.

For example, by strategically designing new lighting schemes as an element of our lobby interior design in New Jersey projects, we can create a feeling of warmth even in the iciest lobby. Because of our long-term working relationships with top fixture manufacturers, we can create incredible custom lighting fixtures for our clients that won't be seen in any other building.

During the past 30 years, the sheer volume of projects we've completed in New York City is why we are quickly becoming the top lobby interior designers in New Jersey. But great design is not the only reason we are so successful. We have developed a unique process that enables us to respond to the needs of everyone involved - boards, building managers, building staff, and, of course, owners. This makes planning and construction a more painless and seamless process than the typical lobby interior designer in New Jersey cannot match.

A big problem for many buildings today is a lack of storage space. Our clients are amazed at how we can carve out storage space where none existed before. Our storage systems are functional, fit neatly into any design scheme, and are practically invisible in many cases.

If your building has a doorman or concierge, you might not realize how often they must leave their post to deal with deliveries or retrieve items such as disinfectant and cleaning supplies. This creates a safety issue while they're away because the lobby is left unattended. Due to our years of experience in New York City, we have gained unmatched expertise in redesigning reception areas so staff can be easily accessible to all the areas they're responsible for without leaving their post.

Another reason Sygrove Associates is a top choice for lobby interior design in New Jersey is our skill in analyzing and adjusting traffic patterns. Many of the lobby designs in New Jersey high-rises built before the year 2000, for example, feature soaring ceilings and wide-open spaces. By modifying traffic patterns, we create seating areas and focal points that convey a warmer sense of community and welcome residents and guests.

Whether your building is a clean and modern tower or a stately older building, choosing Sygrove Associates as your lobby interior designer in New Jersey is a way to preserve your building's provenance while enjoying a more livable and functional public spaces.

With changes such as new flooring, wall coverings, an entirely new color palette, and inspiring artwork, your building's new lobby design in New Jersey by Sygrove will delight you and impress your guests.

As experts in lobby interior design in New Jersey and New York City, we know our clients need their investment to last for years. No other firm comes close to our skill in sourcing elegant and beautiful materials designed for heavy traffic and wear. For lobby interior designs in New Jersey, we find fabrics that look like natural materials but are as easy to clean as vinyl, flooring that looks like ceramic tile yet cleans up like a breeze, veneer that looks like natural wood but is washable and durable.

Our firm's masterful expertise in materials, colors, furnishings, floor plans and storage solutions will turn your lobby into a spectacular, workable environment you will love coming home to. And, lobby interior design in NJ can be achieved even during the pandemic. A great deal of the process can be done virtually, and our team is outfitted with the proper PPE and disinfecting protocols when they’re on premise.

Is it time to upgrade your lobby design in New Jersey? Give us a call to discuss your project.