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Sygrove's Hallway Interior Design

Founded in 1982, Sygrove Associates Design Group is the leading hallway interior design firm for buildings, high-end cooperatives, condominiums and real estate developments in the New York City. Marilyn Sygrove, the firm’s talented president, and lead designer has been personally directing all strategy, design planning, and installation since the beginning.


Beautiful, distinctive and functional hallways designs that graciously welcome visitors and delight residents are the characteristics of Sygrove’s building and hallway interior design work. Wall coverings, light fixtures, and floor coverings are chosen for their beauty and their ability to stand the test of time.

“They did such a great job on our lobby five years ago, that we called them in again to do our hallways. Selecting a great designer was the easy part.”
– Board Member, Upper East Side Coop


Why Choose Sygrove Associates for NYC Building & Hallway Interiors?

When you meet with Marilyn and her team you know that you are in the hands of experienced professionals who will make sure that the final hallway design is as functional as it is beautiful. No two Sygrove interior design projects look alike because no two properties are alike.

New York interior designer Marilyn Sygrove is widely published and is highly respected and referred by leading real estate management companies and professional organizations. Don’t take our word for it!


If you own your apartment and want a more pleasant experience for yourself and your guests, it’s time to consider a new coop or condo hallway design project. As the most experienced interior design firm focused on public space upgrades in high-end buildings, hallway design in NYC represents a sizable portion of the work we perform here at Sygrove Associates Design Group.

In addition to aesthetics, another reason (maybe the most important reason) to consider upgrading your condo or coop hallway design in NYC is this: it’s a smart decision that can help keep the value of your property high. This is particularly critical if you own in an older building, such as the many pre-wars in the city. Investing in new hallway interior design in NYC buildings is a trend that we see growing every year.

Updating your hallways can be a big investment - but the benefits are enormous:

1. Reduces Stress. Your new and updated hallway interior design will impart a sense of warmth and welcome every time you leave and come home.
2. Maintains Your Property Values. Buyers are more motivated and pay more in buildings that have beautiful hallways.
3. Marketing. You can post photographs of your hallway interior design on StreetEasy, Zillow and your website so buyers can imagine living there.

If your hallway interior design needs a facelift, call:


When choosing a hallway interior designer in NYC it’s important that the firm have many years of expertise in high-end condos and coop buildings’ public spaces. We are often brought in to re-do hallway upgrades that had been performed by well-meaning, but inexperienced interior designers and/or contractors who lack the kind deep knowledge necessary to make the proper selections and recommendations, such as::

  • ADA compliant door hardware, door casings, and molding details
  • Lighting fixtures that satisfy the energy efficiency rules such as those contained in the new Local Law 97
  • Fabrics and flooring that will stand up to years of hard wear
  • A color palette that will feel fresh and modern as time goes by

Not only does new coop and condo hallway design ensure property values, it makes it a nicer experience to come home to.

It’s critical that owners and board members alike have confidence in the professionals they choose to manage any renovation product in their building. There are several key advantages that come from working with a specialist lobby and hallway interior designer in NYC such as Sygrove Associates Design Group:

  • Your design solution will be professionally managed from end to end, minimizing setbacks
  • Designer discounts will can often be realized on many materials and furnishings
  • Highly experienced interior designers have relationships with contractors who can be trusted

Hallway interior design in NYC is a very specialized field, and Sygrove Associates Design Group, Inc. has been the leader for over 30 years.

Our condo and coop hallway design in NYC team provides intelligent solutions that not only freshen up tired and outdated spaces but makes the process as seamless as possible for our clients.

Wallcoverings are one area where our team of NYC hallway interior design professionals really excel. Modern vinyl Wall coverings are textured, have a premium look and feel, and they wear well. Some vinyl wall coverings even mimic that of high-end artisan painted finishes, wood, or even stone.

As part of your coop hallway design in NYC, the designer will take the time to consider how each material compliments the other in terms of texture and color. All surfaces must be practical and long-lasting as well as beautiful.

Lighting choices also matter. In our condo andcoop hallway design schemes, we utilize light to create and enhance space. Halls will never be the most open and spacious areas of a coop or condo building, but they can be made to feel much larger than they really are, simply by choosing the proper fixtures. We have built relationships with a number of companies to create custom lighting fixtures to our design specifications for the projects we work on.

Hallways can even be used designed creatively with accent wall treatments such as large framed mirrors or textured wall coverings, pilasters and even consoles strategically located at elevator landings and at the ends of long cavernous hallways. Our interior designers work to understand your needs and make recommendations to fit your budget and project goals.

Flooring is a key consideration for hallway interior design in NYC. We are experts in materials that combine durability and low maintenance. Being high traffic areas, all hallway flooring must stand up to years of frequent use and stay luxurious-looking at the same time. A professional hallway interior designer in NYC knows how to source flooring options that are ideal for these high traffic flow in a condo or coop.

Noise is an issue in hallway interior design in NYC, as well. Narrow corridors, especially those without windows, can cause all sounds, including footsteps, to resonate into individual units. Carpet is the solution that works to cut down on noise, and today we have a myriad of carpet choices for our clients that are beautiful, stain-resistant, easy to maintain and long-wearing, too.

Updating the hallways in your coop or condo building is an opportunity to ensure your property maintains its value in our highly competitive market, cuts down on energy usage (improves your building’s score), and provides a warm welcome every day for yourself, your guests and potential buyers.

So, is time to upgrade your hallways? Talk to an experienced hallway interior designer in NYC at Sygrove Associates Design Group. We are the experts.