As an NYC interior design firm, we think a lot about color, texture, fabric, finishes, traffic patterns, and lighting……and building codes.

The construction industry in NYC has to comply with an ever-increasing amount of regulation. Changes in fire codes, life safety codes, ADA codes, and Department of Buildings requirements impact every aspect of construction and renovation in the city.

Also, a multitude of energy codes has been enacted. In 2016, the first NYC Energy Conservation Code and in April 2019, NYC lawmakers passed the Climate Mobilization Act. The new act is aimed at residential and commercial buildings larger than 25,000 square feet. The goal is to lower overall carbon emissions by 80% in the next 20-25 years. Learn more here.

As the owner of a successful interior design firm, code compliance is a must. No discussion. Full stop. We ensure our clients that they will not be hit with fines for non-compliance as a result of our work.

This is where code consultants come in.

Sygrove's Residential Hallway Design in Upper West Side, NYC

Here are some of the areas where code compliance impact our NYC lobby and hallway renovation projects:


For cost savings and code compliance, we work closely with outside partners of NYSERDA and Con Edison. We have them perform cost analyses and advise us on the possibility of utility rebates. This enables us to select the best type of LED lighting, for example, that will save our clients money over time and align with energy codes.



Illuminated exit signs, emergency lighting, and even stair identification signage have code-related requirements.

Signs placed at critical locations, such as stairwells and elevators, must include braille and the lettering must be of specific dimensions. Apartment and stairwell signs must be placed close to the floor (so that in the event of a fire, firefighters can easily see them as they crawl on their bellies below the smoke).

Wall Coverings

We are well versed in selecting finishes that meet codes such as carpet, wall covering, paint and millwork. But there is a lot more than that in designing public spaces.

Wall coverings, especially wood paneling, must meet rigorous code requirement and often must be specially treated.

Door Hardware

Even door hardware is covered by codes. If we want to replace the hardware on an older door, for example, codes dictate how many additional holes can be drilled.

It’s complicated!!

The Bottom Line

Although codes have made our work more complicated, we are entirely behind the reasons building codes exist in the first place:

A safe and healthier New York City!

Sygrove Interior Design Services

Sygrove Associates Design Group is an NYC interior design company. Our company’s founder Marilyn Sygrove is the lead interior designer on all projects. And she’s as tough as you are when it comes to quality, aesthetics, and coming in on time and on budget.

It all starts with a design consultation with Marilyn. She takes the time to thoroughly understand your design needs then personally directs all interior design, planning, and installation activities. Her work has been delighting clients, co-op and condo boards, and homeowners for over 30 years.

You can reach Marilyn by email at or call her directly at 212.757.0631.

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Sygrove's Residential Hallway Design in Upper West Side, NYC