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Every January, many of the most popular interior design websites predict which trends are going be hot during the coming year. (Interestingly, many of them make the same predictions!). Although primarily focused on residential interior design, my firm’s work in lobby and hallway interior design is impacted by the trends, too.

Out of curiosity, we recently checked-out which trends predicted for 2019 found their way into our projects. It’s really interesting to see how we’ve interpreted them.

Here’s what stands out:

Stone As Art

An article from January in Forbes stated that 2019 is the year that stone, particularly agate, will be popular in interior design. It’s a trend we love!

The use of natural materials as art is far less controversial than any artwork selection we have made in the past 35 years! Because finding art that everyone agrees on is a significant challenge in lobby interior design work. And, it’s a timeless solution that will always look distinctive even if the lobby décor is updated years later.

We love using agate and onyx, which are two types of layered chalcedony. They differ only in the bands that traverse the surface. Agate’s bands are curved while onyx has parallel bands.

To select the ideal piece of stone, we first peruse patterns and colorations on the websites of the top local stone suppliers. Once we have narrowed down our options, we make a field trip to see it in real life. Because we plan to backlight the stone, we use the flashlights on our phones to see exactly each slab will look when installed.

With agate and onyx, Mother Nature outdid herself. These stones can be staggeringly gorgeous and our job, as interior designers, is to create an environment that presents the most powerful visual version of it. In the case of the project in this photo, we hand-selected an extraordinary slab of onyx and backlit it when installed. Because the onyx is translucent, each seductive vein becomes magnified and creates a fascinating visual effect and focal point for the lobby.

The residents (our clients) are ecstatic by their one-of-a-kind lobby installation (photo above), and, they all agree – it’s a forever artwork solution.

Navy Is The New Black

Navy is hot in interior design, according to’s 2019 Interior Design Predictions, calling it “not your grandma’s navy.”

For this Upper East Side lobby, our challenge was to add a sense of modernity to the lobby area yet to re-use the existing paneling and hard-surface flooring.  We anchored the space, we selected this dark navy blue, black, and gray carpet. The navy element gives the entire pace a fresh look, partly because navy is so new in interior design. Yet, when combined with grey and black, provides a timeless flooring solution.

The residents adore it!



“Everything old is new again,” or so they say. The trend towards curves is a perfect example of how to translate interior design thinking from a previous decade into today’s aesthetic.

According to Apartment Therapy’s 2019 Interior Design Trends, “1970s-inspired rounded furniture will continue to take over. Rounded back chairs are a chic way to bring the curvy trend into your home.”

In this project for a mid-century modern coop building in New York City, we were so excited to present this magnificent curved sofa. It gives the classic lobby an inviting yet modern kick. We customized the sofa with contrasting welt, so it says, “look at me!”.

And, in terms of the actual tushy space? There’s plenty.

Be Bold

The use of bold, un-bashful patterns and textures is another 2019 prediction that fits perfectly into lobby and hallway interior design. Recently, we had two projects in our office where we used quality materials such as iron and plaster to create interest and depth.

233 East 69th St, Sygrove, 2019 interior design trends for lobby hallway

For this project, we selected bold plaster texture for interior walking paths. So, when you walk through this lobby, you’re aware of it, despite not being your primary line of sight.

Here, we created an iron construction for a backdrop behind the doorman desk and seating area where people linger, so everyone can enjoy it.

If your building is contemplating a lobby or hallway renovation, don’t hesitate to check out the latest design trends. When you find one you love, ask your lobby interior designer (or hallway interior designer) to interpret it for your project. You’ll be astonished by what their experienced eyes and in-depth knowledge of materials will accomplish!

Murals Are Back

400 CPW, sygrove, 2019 interior design predictions, hallways

“A large-scale piece of art can be costly, but wall murals provide the same solution at a friendlier price point,” according to Yahoo Lifestyle’s 2019 interior design forecast.

Placing a mural at the end of a hallway, especially if it’s a super long hallway, can be very effective. For this Central Park West coop building in Manhattan, we played off the organic theme we used in the lobby. It beautifully reflects the wonderful flora of Central Park – which is right across the street.

After careful selection and buy-in from the residents, we had a mural converted into a practical, washable, durable 54″-wide vinyl wall covering. The hallway in this building is very long and was very claustrophobic when we took on the job. The mural at the end creates a shortening effect – and is lovely, too.


So, if you’re contemplating a lobby or hallway renovation, don’t hesitate to check out the latest interior design trends. When you find one you love, ask your designer if it could be worked-into the plan for your space. You’ll be astonished what an experienced eye and in-depth knowledge of materials can accomplish!

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