You probably don’t think about umbrella stands very often. But, as a lobby interior designer, I think about umbrella stands – a lot!

Does NYC Get More Rain Than It Used To?

According to the national weather service, five of the wettest years on record have occurred since 2001. So, if you suspect it rains more than ever before in NYC, you’re right!

Although we are known for creating distinctive and sometimes jaw-dropping lobby interior design in coop and condo buildings in New York, a big part of our job is selecting materials and finishes that will withstand the ravages of the weather.

Nothing as hard on fine interiors than water.

It’s pretty awful to sit down on a lobby sofa where someone had previously dropped a sopping wet umbrella while they gathered packages at the doorman desk. When people have a designated place to drop a wet umbrella, this problem goes away.

Umbrella stands are an often-overlooked design element, and we have love sourcing them. Our criteria: they must do their job well (hold wet umbrellas) and integrate into the interior design of the lobby.

As far as umbrella stands are concerned, there are a ton of choices. The material, size, and shape all figure into our selection. Some owners want their building name and logo added, so they match their customized umbrellas.

There’s an umbrella stand for every décor, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. Here are a few of our favorite umbrella stand shapes and styles:

An Array Of Beautiful Umbrella Stands

This simple metal cylinder with perforated sides is a perfect addition to a lobby that has many metal finishes. It’s is a unique umbrella stand that evokes the style of Jugendstil, a German design movement popular from the 1890s to the early 20th century.

For mid-century modern buildings, we try to retain as much of the original design elements that make the era so inspiriting. This beauty was made Austria in the ’60s.

This minimalist umbrella stand is almost “not there” and works well in light and airy contemporary lobby designs.

With its sharp angles, this distinctive umbrella stand is a piece of artwork itself. It would be fabulous in a modern lobby that has lots of geometric artwork.

Another almost “not there” umbrella stand. This one is great for a classic lobby because it simply melts into the background and draws little or no attention away from the interior design. It’s also perfect for small spaces.

For busy lobbies in large buildings, this umbrella stand is a workhorse. Its attractive architectural features make it a great choice to fit into any classic urban setting.

This elegant porcelain umbrella stand takes its inspiration from hand-painted Chinese ginger jars. It’s a piece of artwork itself. For a classic New York City apartment building lobby, this works.

Many prewar buildings New York have beautiful brass details, so this type of umbrella stand not only fits the interior design but is a lovely piece of décor on its own.

This incredible piece is an umbrella stand and a planter all at once. In an Art Deco lobby, it would be a serviceable and conversation-worthy addition.

Sometimes we need a good old stand-by umbrella stand that blends into a traditional Park Avenue lobby or any pre-war apartment building. We love this one for its clean lines and simple fretwork collar. It does the job with class and elegance without shouting “look at me”!

This beauty would seamlessly fit into a warm, Asian-inspired lobby interior. It has a residential quality and can be left out all year round. It’s an artful accessory that can dress up a space and be understated at the same time.


As an interior designer, it’s my job to think about what most people don’t. Umbrella stands are a perfect example. If you live in a building that needs an upgrade and you want the designer who thinks of everything, bring us in for a consultation.

Note: Did you fall in love with any of the umbrella stands pictured above? Just click on each image to get buying info.

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