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Ideas to transform unused space into value-adding amenity spaces for condos and co-ops…

As everyone knows, New York City real estate is one of the most competitive markets in the world. There was a time when the majority of city residents rented their apartments. In the 1980s, however, hundreds of apartment buildings were converted from rentals to co-ops and condos, which made it possible for the average renter to finally own their own home. The problem was that many of the older buildings needed to renovate to attract qualified buyers because they quickly found out that amenity spaces in NYC apartment buildings are really important to buyers.

As a NYC interior designer, I saw the trend early, and my firm, Sygrove Associates Design Group, has been focused on lobby and hallway renovation ever since. But we do more than lobbies and hallways – our expertise in creating amenity spaces in NYC apartment buildings is well-known, too. And we’ve never had more requests for amenity spaces than we do today.

What Are Amenity Spaces?

Amenity spaces are areas that make life for residents and building staff more efficient and enjoyable. Amenity spaces can include package rooms, fitness areas, children’s playrooms, rooftop terraces, dog parks – the list goes on. Some buildings even have private dining rooms (we’ve worked on a few!).

In terms of convenience, a fitness area in your building keeps you from having to shlep out to the gym on nasty days. A spacious package storage room keeps your deliveries safe until you can retrieve them. And, a children’s playroom in your building is a godsend for parents of young kids.

But the biggest reason amenity spaces are important in NYC and NJ apartment buildings is they increase the value of the apartments.

the important of amenity spaces in NYC apartment buildings, sygrove associates

Amenity Spaces Increase Property Values

When buyers evaluate where they’d like to live, they not only consider the apartment’s square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it has a home office, how the kitchen is laid out, etc. Today’s buyers also want to know what amenity spaces are in the building.

Some older buildings have a workout room, a roof area where people can hang out, or a kind of community room” – but typically, these areas are so out of date that they’re barely used, if at all. Most architects pre-1960s did not include amenity spaces in their plans and, in many cases, designed common areas that, at first glance, would not accommodate them.

4 Examples Of How We Solve The "No Space For An Amenity Space" Problem

A great benefit of being the leader in lobby and hallway renovations for over 40 years is that we have tons of problem-solving experience under our belts. My talented team accomplishes remarkable feats to carve out amenity spaces in older NYC buildings.

Here are four examples of amenity spaces in NYC apartment buildings:

How Important Are Amenity Spaces In NYC Apartment Buildings?

1. Dingy Basement Area Becomes A Children’s Playroom & Exercise Room

While working on a large project in a Manhattan co-op, the residents asked if there was a way they could have a children’s playroom and an exercise space – now that so many of them are working from home.

The problem was that there was no space for either room in their common areas.
So, we thought, “What about the basement?” When we mentioned it to the residents, we faced blank stares. They said, “There is an area downstairs, but it’s creepy!” Indeed, there was a neglected space where junk had been piling up for years, but it was perfect!

My team and I got to work and figured out how to transform this dark and gloomy dungeon into a happy, practical, and safe children’s playroom.

But what about the exercise room? We created a gym right next to the playroom. It’s big enough for a treadmill, stationary bike, free-weight rack, and weight bench. And it has windows that look right into the playroom – so parents can keep an eye on their children while they work out, and their children can keep an eye on them!
Our clients are absolutely thrilled with their new amenity spaces and are confident that their building is appealing to other young families and that their apartments will retain their value.

2. An Innovative Way To Create More Package Space

We are currently working in a building where the residents desperately need a new package storage area. They were embarrassed by the daily boxes and packages piled up in the lobby. And their door staff was frustrated by constantly being forced to leave their posts to retrieve them.

But, their lobby is small. We tried every trick in our book to figure out a way to carve out more storage space but finally had to admit there was just no way.
Then something incredible happened.

One of the residents heard about a first-floor apartment in the building next door for sale. The building bought it! We used that apartment to create a spacious package room right next to the doorman station. And we also added a lobby restroom which everyone appreciates!

Here’s what’s also really exciting: the apartment area we didn’t need is now a lovely studio that will either be rented or sold – bringing more revenue into the building. What a brilliant idea!

3. Transforming A Cavernous Basement Into Incredible Amenity Spaces

We’re known as lobby and hallway designers, but our work often goes way beyond that. To enhance residents’ quality of life and attract qualified buyers, the board of a co-op in Manhattan gave us a tour of their basement, where there was a wealth of unused raw space!

“Can you think of anything we could use this area for?” they asked. Could we! Plans are on the table for a spacious gym, a teen room, a multi-purpose room that can serve as a community center or party space, a wine cellar, and even a tasting room!

4. Tar Beach Becomes A Gorgeous Roof Top Lounge With 360° Views

We were contacted by a co-op in Manhattan that has a vast rooftop with magnificent views of the city and the river. But hardly anyone ever went up there. If anything, it was a tar beach for a few brave individuals.

Our plans for this incredible rooftop include a beautiful sunbathing area and a dining area for cocktail parties. We will transform a blank wall into a screen so the residents can enjoy Summer Movie Nights!

how important is an amenity space in your NYC apartment building, sygrove associates design group

So…how important are amenity spaces in NYC and NJ apartment buildings? Very! Amenity spaces:

  • Increase property values
  • Make life easier and more enjoyable for residents
  • Allow building staff to do their jobs more safely and easily
  • Give purpose to often neglected unused space

We love the challenge of creating amenity spaces for NYC apartment buildings. We are lucky to have so many amazing clients who allow us to use our creativity, resourcefulness, and skills to create spaces they love coming home to.


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