Hallway Trends

As a hallway interior designer for the past 40 years, I have definitely witnessed a wide variety of trends taking shape. But I haven’t solely noticed shifts in popular colors and patterns over the years—I’ve also seen building Boards change their outlook on the improvements they’re willing to make in order to enhance a property’s value altogether. 

When I first started out in the business, buildings generally addressed paint, wall coverings, lighting, and signs—nothing more. However, I have seen many new focus areas emerge in recent years, which I’m outlining below.


An expanded focus on electricity and energy savings.

The advent of new lighting technology, along with the introduction of energy efficiency ratings, has caused the landscape to change dramatically.


Door hardware that is more accessible.

The increase of new construction has led to an increase in requests for ADA-compliant door levers that also make it easier for injured or elderly residents to enter and exit their apartments, compactor rooms and stairwells without having to turn a knob.


More luxurious looking elevator landings.

Making elevator landings or “foyers” look special is a significant trend. This may involve a simple console and mirror or more elaborate ceiling coves with LED strip lighting and hard surface flooring; regardless, this area signifies to a resident that they are almost home.


Soothing looking ceilings.

There has been a rise in PVC crown cable moldings that complement hallway designs and conceal unsightly cords. Buildings with larger budgets may feature a minimally dropped ceiling with slim profile LED downlights and access panels strategically located so that cable wires can be accessed. Thus, the ceilings are clean, consistent, and soothing to the eye.


Enhanced signage.

In the past, hallway signage was always pretty basic brass plaques and there wasn’t much room for creativity. Now, an array of materials, fonts and textures as well as cut out letters can be used to make signage appear unique in each building.

Overall, buildings are becoming more responsive to external trends, allowing spaces to become more current and chic. What upgrades have you witnessed over time?

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