In my work as a New York City lobby and hallway designer, I have learned many tips and tricks for how to make a lobby look more luxurious. Read on as I share a few of my go to techniques!

Don’t Skimp on Greenery

Enhance your building’s lobby with orchids or lush fresh floral arrangements that will not only look stunning but will also help spread a welcoming fragrance throughout the space. There is nothing luxurious about dying blooms, though, so make sure that your florals are replenished regularly so that they do not lose their shine. You can set up a regular delivery in order to avoid any mishaps!

Pick the Right Rug

Not all area rugs are created equal. If you’re seeking to make a lobby look more luxurious, a hand tufted, plush rug certainly sends the right message. Over the years, as a piece gets worn, it may need to be replaced for a newer version. The lobby will of course experience a substantial amount of foot traffic, which can result in small stains, spills, and general wear and tear to any rug.

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Opt for Dramatic Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. I always suggest opting for a variety of lighting in the lobby, from overhead recessed LED lighting in a “residential” color temperature, high end table lamps, and high quality chandeliers that make a statement. Your overall lighting plan should highlight different areas, artwork, and finishes within the lobby. Top quality lighting and chic fixtures are essential for making a lobby look more luxurious; no one wants to step inside a poorly lit or dated looking space.

Utilize the Best Materials

Anything that is visible should be the best quality possible to make your lobby look more luxurious. While there is not a lot of hardware used in the lobby, there will be some—think door handles for the stairwell and package closet, for example. These fixtures should be lever style and in a finish that exudes luxury, such as burnished brass or chrome. Note that unlacquered brass that will patina over time and it is best to be avoided. I like to say that the hardware is the “earrings and cufflinks” of the building—and we don’t want to be greeted with cheap jewelry, go for the luxurious option!

When combined, all of these small efforts will be majorly effective in making a lobby look more luxurious. Get ready for the compliments to roll in from residents and visitors alike!

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