Finally, the worst seems to be behind us. Our clients, coops and condos, are getting geared up to make the improvements they put on hold for the past year. While the pandemic will be a memory at some point (I hope), there’s no question that lobby and hallway interior design has been changed forever.

Beautiful aesthetics, plenty of storage, and long-lasting materials will always be at front of mind for our clients. Hallway and lobby interior design after Covid must fulfill even more needs – it must be safe, sustainable, and sanitary.

1. Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid - Safe

Sadly, New York City is has experienced an increase in crime. There are more break-ins, muggings, and robberies being reported than in previous years. Our clients want solutions that will make their staff and residents safer.

One of the best ways to make your building safer is to make your more visible. If you have a doorman make sure he’s posted close to the door. It makes your building less desirable to criminals than buildings where the staff can’t be seen from the street or foyer. Even in past years, we try to position every doorman desk as close to the main entrance as possible so staff can stay at their post the majority of the time.

Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid, doorman desks

We also recommend you position your package room or storage closets close to the doorman desk. This way he won’t have to leave his post to retrieve or accept deliveries. And, storage spaces that are well organized cut down on time spent away from the desk.

Security cameras are more important than ever. We are being asked to add or update security cameras as part of lobby and hallway renovation projects. Critical areas are doorways, elevator cabs, and laundry rooms. You also want your doorman’s desk to be large enough to accommodate screens so he can keep an eye on what’s in the building without having to turn around. Our custom-designed doorman desks are very popular with our clients.

Many buildings are also adding more alarms and electronic entry doors (that can be locked down at the doorman desk in case of emergency). One board we’re working with is considering a panic button that connects to their security company built right into their doorman desk.

2. Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid - Sustainable

There was a movement toward environmental consciousness in lobby and hallway interior design even before the pandemic. But now, we’re our clients are asking for renewable and sustainable technologies and easy to maintain materials right up front even before we recommend them.

In terms of wall coverings, today there is a wide selection manufactured from sustainable and often recycled materials. For paints and stains, we can easily find products that have either low VOCs or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These products improve air quality by reducing the concentration of contaminants. In turn, that reduces the possibility of allergic reactions from toxins in the air. And, the products are safe for children and pets.

Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid

There are a lot of recycled and post-consumer materials gaining popularity in flooring. Lighting is evolving fast, too. Today, there are LED bulbs that cast a warm, soft, inviting illumination reminiscent of incandescent bulbs.

3. Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid - Sanitary

Finally, our clients are really worried about germs and viruses lurking in the common areas of their buildings. I believe this will be one of the lasting impacts of Covid in my field.

The ability to keep everything clean and disinfected is super important. We look for materials that are elegant and rich-looking but can be cleaned with soap and water. There are a dizzying array of textures, patterns and colors in vinyl upholstery today. They look like leather but clean-up easily with just soap and water.

Hallway & Lobby Interior Design After Covid,

Microfiber, Crypton, and fabric treated with stain-resistant finishes such as Nanotex and Fiberseal are fantastic options for lobbies, too.


I’m happily optimistic about the future as we move toward the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. My firm is well-equipped and prepared to create the sumptuous spaces that our clients expect from us. And, we have fully embraced the need to deliver hallway and lobby interior design after Covid that is safe, sustainable, and sanitary.

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