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Using Live Plants to Make Your Lobby More Vibrant

Indoor plants have been having a major moment for the past several years and have only begun to become more popular as we’ve started to spend more time at home. But green friends don’t just belong inside individual apartment units—they deserve to shine in building lobbies, too. 

The good news is an overly green thumb isn’t required in order to maintain a beautiful floral or plant display for all residents to enjoy. Even something as simple as a bouquet of gorgeously arranged fresh flowers can easily be replenished each week and will add instant elegance and charm to any lobby. Additionally, there are plenty of ultra realistic-looking faux plants on the market these days, too, if you’re most inclined to go that route! 

It’s simple enough to create a stunning indoor garden in the lobby in just a few steps. All it takes are a few energetic residents who are willing to volunteer to tackle the below tasks—the results  of which will make a major impact on daily life in the building.

1. Find the Right Planters

Toss those plastic pots that plants are housed in at the nursery and invest in some stylish planters that will correspond with your lobby’s existing decor. If you’re not sure where to begin, Mediterranean-inspired vessels are particularly on trend at the moment and look lovely with a variety of furniture styles and color schemes. If you’re looking to add more color to the lobby, you can also do so by way of planters—choose striped or patterned pottery that will add some pep to the entrance of your building.

2. Purchase Moss

Purchase a bag of moss that can be reused with each new plant. You can buy this while sourcing your plants and planters—Home Depot and Lowe’s are excellent one stop shops for all things gardening. Moss can improve indoor air quality, but let’s face it—it’s also simply more pleasant to look at than dirt, making it a worthwhile buy.

3. Pick Your Plants

Green friends come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t let too many options wear you out. Perhaps you can switch up the lobby’s plant display each season. In that case, I suggest purchasing healthy looking flowering plants such as mums for the fall. In the winter, opt for amaryllis, then display bulbs for the spring. Orchids look wonderful any time of year. If you wish to shop locally, these can be found at farmer’s markets around the city, supermarkets or garden/floral shops. They do not need to be expensive to make an impact! 

If you wish to streamline the process and purchase all of your necessary supplies online, there are many resources for doing so, too. Companies including White Flower Farm, Bloomscape, and The Sill, just to name a few, will deliver gorgeous, healthy, potted plants straight to your door in just a click. These websites are also an excellent place to go should you have questions about caring for a specific type of plant or determining how much sunlight a plant needs before you make your purchase. 

With a little TLC, it’s incredibly easy to add much-needed life into a lobby and create a space that will soothe and inspire residents each day.

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