The Aesthetics of Elevator Cab Design in Co-Op & Condos

Most people don’t think of riding an elevator as an aesthetic experience, but elevator cabs play a crucial role in enhancing the overall architectural narrative of a building’s lobby and hallways. At my interior design firm, Sygrove Associates Design Group, elevator cab design is an integral element in our comprehensive vision for co-op and condo lobby and hallway renovations.

The design of elevator cabs is not only about aesthetics; it’s about creating a continuous experience from lobby to living spaces. Our focus is to ensure a cohesive journey through the building for residents, their visitors, and potential buyers.

A Study in Material Selection and Functionality

An example of our approach can be seen in the new elevator cab interiors at 315 East 72nd Street, an iconic post-war building on NYC’s Upper East Side. We wanted the elevators to be a key element of the building’s identity and be perfectly aligned with its sophisticated character.

The elevator cabs at 315 East 72nd St. showcase a blend of high-quality materials and functional design. Calacatta Gold marble and rich dark walnut veneer was chosen for their aesthetic appeal and their great longevity. And every element, from aluminum “Z” clips to oxidized Muntz binders, was selected for its ability to complement the overall design scheme.

Our partners at United Cabs, one of NYC’s highest quality and responsive elevator cab fabricators, made it possible for our design to come to fruition. And, as far as functional aspects are concerned, the drop-ceiling by Forms+Surfaces and the MAN-D-TEC LED perimeter lighting enhance the usability of the space. The stainless steel handrails with their deep bronze accents add a unique design element as well as a sense of safety for riders.

The Aesthetics of Elevator Cab Design in Co-op & Condos

Conclusion: The Future of Elevator Cab Design

We believe that elevator cab design should not only complement a building’s architectural theme but enhance the experience for residents, guests, and potential buyers. As lobby and hallway designers, we aim to redefine the role of every element within a building’s design, and elevator cabs are one way to create holistic experiences in residential architecture.

At Sygrove, we make sure our clients are also way ahead of the curve as new regulations like NYC Local Law 97 come into play. Our dedication to design, functionality, and sustainability is what sets us apart. Is there a lobby or hallway renovation in the future for your building? Let’s chat about your project!




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