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How to Pick Art for a Room That Complements Your Interior Design

How do we choose the perfect art pieces for the design of this space? I get this question a lot. With my residential clients choosing art is a piece of cake because most of them already own art they…

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A Gallery Of Beautiful Apartment Building Signage

Have you ever paused at a street corner to think to yourself, “why does a stop sign look like that?” This may come across as a weird question at first. After all, we follow stop signs every day,…

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My Favorite Interior Design Services

Our core obsession, lobby interior design, is just one of several primary interior design services here at Sygrove Associates Design Group. In fact, we provide a quite wide variety of interior design…

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What are the Differences Between Commercial and Residential Interior Design?

In our office we work on two types of interior design projects, commercial and residential. In commercial interior design we are known for our work on condo and coop lobbies and hallways.

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Interior Design For Corporate Spaces

Storytelling has existed as a form of communication for thousands of years. It provided our ancestors with a way of transferring lore from one generation to the next. Our brains process information…

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5 Awesome Before-And-After Condo and Apartment Hallway Transformations

By the time a client reaches out to my firm, they’re more than ready for their building to have a facelift. We are lobby interior designers, yes, but some of our most interesting work is upstairs, in…

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The Importance of a Well-Designed Concierge Desk and Station

When you live in New York City you constantly interact with doormen and concierges as you go through your day. So, when the lobby of the building you live in is inefficient, out of date, or downright…

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3 NYC Lobby Renovations That Perfectly Reflect The Building Architecture

Just as the vibrant colors of spring blossoms give way to the lush greenery of summer, architectural design trends fade in and out of popularity – and New York City has examples of nearly every…

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The New Trends to Watch For in Residential Interior Design for Family Apartments

If you’ve ever wondered how New York City got to be known as “The City That Never Sleeps,” you’d have to venture back to the 1970’s and listen to John Kander and Fred Ebb’s song “New York, New……

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6 Mistakes People Make When They Hire A Lobby Interior Designer

I have been a lobby interior designer for over thirty years. By any standard, I am likely the most experienced (or one of the most experienced) interior designer of condo and coop building lobbies in…

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