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My Fascination with Cuban Architecture and Interior Design

The prospects of having access to Cuban architecture and interior design are simply AWESOME! I am pouring through on-line travel brochures to see which ones have the most comprehensive packages. I…

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Recipes and Renovations

It’s holiday time. You have the whole family and close friends coming over for a meal. If you are anything like me, you decide on the table settings and menu in advance...

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7 Clues That It’s Time to Renovate Your Lobby

We all know how it feels. You’ve been living in your building for many years and you hardly notice the lobby on your way in and out. We hardly ever stop to think how it looks to our guests, and how…

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How My Dog Helped My Business

Pets have always been a big part of my life. My Mom was as crazy about animals (and bugs) as I was! When I was born we had Speckles, a large dog that was half Dalmatian and half… who knows what!

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4 Secrets To Preparing To Meet With Your Interior Designer

The hard work is over. You’ve finally found the perfect interior designer and you’re ready to get started on your project. Pretty exciting, right? It is exciting!

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How It Began

This is my first blog! And it’s a great opportunity to tell the story about how I got started in the industry and built an interior design practice that has not only survived, but has thrived for…

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