Hotel Lobby Designs

Lobby Interior Design Goes Zen

The other day during the monthly meeting I have with my marketing director, we tossed around ideas for my next blog post. I have a lot to say about lobby interior design so, for me, coming up with…

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Meet Monty!

Recently, I’ve introduced you to the donkeys, Pete and Jake. And, many of you remember the beloved, dearly-departed design dog, Hershey, who graced the design studio with her beauty and cheerful…

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Can Your NYC Lobby Be Renovated During The Lockdown?

Here we are, weeks into the surreal atmosphere that is New York City right now. It's difficult to remember how things were when life was normal (as if normal could ever describe our city).…

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sygrove associates, before and after hallway redesign

A Silver Lining In This Time Of Crisis

While working remotely in the comfort of my own home, I’ve had the time to breathe and think – there are always “positives” in our lives no matter what is going on around us (and we sure do have some…

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hallway interior design in NYC

Hallway Interior Design – How Our Clients Surprise Us

I can’t believe how many compliments we received when we posted a few photos from a recently completed a hallway redesign project. It took me by surprise! As interior designers who are frequently…

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Your NYC Apartment Building Will Soon Have A Letter Grade

As New Yorkers, we got used to seeing restaurant letter grades pretty quickly. At first, it seemed weird (and upsetting when you discovered that your favorite restaurant got a C). Well, soon, you…

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The FDNY vs. NYC Interior Designers – Seeking A Compromise

A big challenge in my line of work as a hallway and lobby interior designer in New York is the city’s ever-expanding safety code regulations. I’m proud of how my firm manages to find a balance…

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Choosing Wall Sconces For Your Lobby and Hallways

Which wall sconces can be used? If your residential building is planning a lobby or hallway renovation, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most challenging decision is selecting the…

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Lobby Renovations Make It Easier To Sell Coops & Condos

If you own a coop or condo in a vintage New York City building, you may be wondering how the value of your property is holding up in the face of the vast residential construction of the past few…

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umbrella stands to keep your building fresh during bad weather, sygrove, lobby interior design nyc, hallway interior design nyc

Lobby Interior Design Elements – An Array Of Beautiful Umbrella Stands

This article is about an item you probably don’t think about very much: the lowly umbrella stand. According to the national weather service, five of the wettest years on record have occurred since…

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