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he Property Manager’s Guide to Lobby Renovations

The Property Manager’s Guide to Lobby Renovations

Lobby renovations can be a long and arduous process, even when things go smoothly. As a building property manager, you play a crucial role in ensuring the project goes smoothly and efficiently – with…

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How to Pick Art for a Room That Complements Your Interior Design

How do we choose the perfect art pieces for the design of this space? I get this question a lot. With my residential clients choosing art is a piece of cake because most of them already own art they…

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The Importance of a Well-Designed Concierge Desk and Station

When you live in New York City you constantly interact with doormen and concierges as you go through your day. So, when the lobby of the building you live in is inefficient, out of date, or downright…

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Apartment Building Hallway Trends – What’s New Now?

As a hallway interior designer for the past 40 years, I have definitely witnessed a wide variety of trends taking shape. But I haven’t solely noticed shifts in popular colors and patterns over the…

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how important are amenity spaces in NYC apartment buildings, Marilyn Sygrove

How Important Are Amenity Spaces In NYC Apartment Buildings?

Ideas to transform unused space into value-adding amenity spaces for condos and co-ops… As everyone knows, New York City real estate is one of the most competitive markets in the world. There was a…

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Essential Interview Techniques for Selecting the Perfect General Contractor!

Hiring a construction company to implement the design of your project can be a daunting experience and a tremendous responsibility.

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What is Inspiring Me At the Moment

As a creative, I am always eager to learn how others stay inspired, but today, I’m here to share what is inspiring me at the moment. Truthfully, I find that I am inspired almost everywhere I look.……

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5 Non-Controversial WOW-Factor Lobby Design Elements

As a New York City lobby and hallway designer, I am often called in to evaluate not only the functional needs of a lobby but also ways to make a lobby appear outstanding and memorable in order to…

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Hallway Renovations: Wallcovering vs. Paint

Ways To Make Your Hallways Look Wider

As an experienced New York City based hallway and lobby designer, I am often asked about ways to make hallways appear wider. Today, I’m here to share five key tips to keep in mind when designing your…

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How to Make Your Pre-War Lobby Appealing To Young Buyers

Living in a prewar building is quite appealing to many young buyers for a slew of reasons. A pre-war apartment refers to a unit built before World War II, generally during the time period between…

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