Meet Monty!

Recently, I’ve introduced you to the donkeys, Pete and Jake. And, many of you remember the beloved, dearly-departed design dog, Hershey, who graced the design studio with her beauty and cheerful disposition until she passed away five years ago.

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Can Your NYC Lobby Be Renovated During The Lockdown?

Here we are, weeks into the surreal atmosphere that is New York City right now. It's difficult to remember how things were when life was normal (as if normal could ever describe our city). Nevertheless, life does go on.

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sygrove associates, before and after hallway redesign

A Silver Lining In This Time Of Crisis

While working remotely in the comfort of my own home, I’ve had the time to breathe and think – there are always “positives” in our lives no matter what is going on around us (and we sure do have some deadly serious stuff going on around all of us).

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hallway interior design in NYC

Hallway Interior Design – How Our Clients Surprise Us

I can’t believe how many compliments we received when we posted a few photos from a recently completed a hallway redesign project. It took me by surprise! As interior designers who are frequently hired for hallways and lobby projects in NYC coop and condo buildings, our work is complex.

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Your NYC Apartment Building Will Soon Have A Letter Grade

As New Yorkers, we got used to seeing restaurant letter grades pretty quickly. At first, it seemed weird (and upsetting when you discovered that your favorite restaurant got a C). Well, soon, you will see a letter grade posted in the lobby window of most residential buildings. This rating has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene, however. It is a rating of energy efficiency.

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The FDNY vs. NYC Interior Designers – Seeking A Compromise

A big challenge in my line of work as a hallway and lobby interior designer in New York is the city’s ever-expanding safety code regulations. I’m proud of how my firm manages to find a balance between the aesthetic sensibilities of the spaces we create while we carefully follow every rule.

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Lobby Renovations Make It Easier To Sell Coops & Condos

If you own a coop or condo in a vintage New York City building, you may be wondering how the value of your property is holding up in the face of the vast residential construction of the past few years.

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umbrella stands to keep your building fresh during bad weather, sygrove, lobby interior design nyc, hallway interior design nyc

Lobby Interior Design Elements – An Array Of Beautiful Umbrella Stands

This article is about an item you probably don’t think about very much: the lowly umbrella stand. According to the national weather service, five of the wettest years on record have occurred since 2001. So, if you suspect it rains more than ever before in NYC, you’re right!

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2019 Interior Design Trends For Lobbies & Hallways

Every January, many of the most popular interior design websites predict which trends are going be hot during the coming year. (Interestingly, many of them make the same predictions!).

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The Impact Of NYC Building Codes On Lobby Design

As an NYC interior design firm, we think a lot about color, texture, fabric, finishes, traffic patterns, and lighting... and building codes.

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kid-proof your building's lobby, sygrove associates, marilyn sygrove, NYC lobby interior designer

How To Kid-Proof Your Building’s Lobby (and keep it beautiful, too)

I raised my two children in Manhattan during an era when the sight of a parent pushing a stroller was a rare occasion. As the city became cleaner and safer, however, new parents discovered the joys of raising children here as opposed to leaving for the suburbs as their parents likely did.

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boxes in lobby, nyc lobby interior designer, marilyn sygrove, sygrove associates design group

There’s A War Going On In Your Lobby – It’s Called Box-Ageddon

We choose to live in the greatest city in the world, but we do everything we can to avoid leaving our apartments. To the outside world, this doesn’t make sense. Why live here if you don’t want to go out and enjoy it?

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How To Make Your Doorman Happy

If you live in a doorman building, you probably start thinking about your annual gift for the doorman a few weeks before the holidays are upon you. And while everyone loves a few extra bucks in their wallet, there are other ways you can make your doorman happy – and not just at the holidays.

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sygrove associates design group, nyc lobby interior design

6 Current Trends in Apartment Building Lobby Renovation

As New York City changes, so do the wants and needs of its hundreds of thousands of apartment dwellers. In this blog, I introduce some of the current trends in apartment building lobby renovation and explain the thinking behind them. However, before I do that, let’s talk about what’s going on in residential architecture in the city today.

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Lobby Interior Design Ideas That Didn’t Fly

Interior designers get a lot of special requests lobbed at them from their clients, many of which they have to be gently talked out of. In my work as a specialist in lobby interior design, I probably get more crazy requests than the average interior designer. After all, I have an entire building full of condo/coop owners to deal with!

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How Color Influences Mood in Interior Design

One of the most important roles of an interior designer is to be an expert on color. That’s because color influences mood more than most people realize. Each human motion can be impacted by color. If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt slightly unsettled, the colors used in that room could be one reason why.

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